About us


Vajdasági Ifjúsági Fórum – Vojvodina Youth Forum /VIFÓ/


The Youth Forum of Vojvodina (VIFO) is the oldest and largest youth organisation in Vojvodina.  The first youth festival, under the title “VIFO” was organised for the first time in Moravica in 1995, and its aim was to gather, for a day, young people, who had not left the country in those war-burdened times and to present them new cultural values created by the ethnic Hungarian youth in Vojvodina in the former period.  The event was a huge success, thus many felt that there was a need for such and similar events and that these meetings should become regular.  So, few months later, the young people registered a youth civil organisation under the name Youth Forum of Vojvodina.


The organisation’s basic objectives are targeted towards strengthening the identity of ethnic Hungarian youth in Vojvodina, their inclusion in the cultural and public life, promoting civic culture, off-curricular youth education and spending leisure time materfully.  We believe that young people should be trained and educated on a level, which enables them to pursue their professional career more easily and which sets out and supports youth self-organisation.

Some of the Important VIFO Events and Programmes:

  • Summer Open Universities
  • Organizing conferences
  • Organizing research and studies in youth issues
  • Organizing youth trainings and seminars
  • Freshmen’s Ball


VIFO is in contact with many other youth and civil organisation, institution from Vojvodina and the Carpathian Basin.

The organisation is one of the founders and operators of the Subotica-based Youth Centre.

It is the founder of the Hungarian Youth Conference the cooperational forum of the youth, student, religious and political organisations from Hungary and other countries.

We have a representative in the National Council of the Hungarian National Minority, the official and legitimate representative of Hungarians in Vojvodina.

We have been full-fledged members of the Youth of European Nationalities organisation since 2005.